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2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR

Kalli Dakos signing books

A poem can change a child, and a child can change the world.

Kalli Dakos

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Have a Great School Year

Have a Great School Year

“My goodness! My goodness!”
Cried the desk.
“It’s already the day before school starts,
And the end of our peace and quiet.”

“Ouch,” yelled the pencils.
“We’ll be heading
Into those sharpeners soon.”

“Oh me! Oh my!” sighed the stapler,
Lying in a pool of sunshine.
“It can’t be the end
Of another summer already!”

“It sure is,” laughed the golden leaf,
Peering in the window.
“Don’t you like my
Gorgeous new outfit?
I think I look
Simply marvelous!”

Have a Great School Year

“Just don’t get too beautiful,”
Warned the textbook,
“Or some student
Will grab you off the tree,
And stick you inside a book,
And keep you there forever.
Why, I once knew a leaf
Who was stuck inside a book
For twenty-two years.
He said he memorized
Every word on the page.”

“If anyone’s interested
In my opinion,”
Interrupted the blank paper,
“I can hardly wait
Until the kids come back.

Do you think it is fun to be
I can’t wait until someone
Writes on me.”

“I hope they won’t write on me,
Because it can hurt,”
Moaned the desk.
“Last year Gary wrote,

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I’m in love
With Jenny Lou.

Have a Great School Year

Then he got in a fight
With Jenny and changed
The word ‘love’ to ‘hate.’
Was that painful!”

“I can’t wait until
The kids get here,”
Giggled the comic book.
“They love me
And always take me
From the classroom first.”

“You’re lucky,”
Said the purple book.
“I’ve been on the shelf
For two years now,
And no one has read me.”

“That’s because you’re
Added the bulletin board.

Have a Great School Year

“It’s not my fault,”
Cried the book,
“I didn’t write me.”

“I can’t see anything,”
Complained the wad of gum.
“Someone stuck me
Under this desk
Five years ago,
And I’m still here.”

“I know how you feel,”
Sighed the crumpled paper.
“I’ve been trapped
In the garbage bucket
Since the last day of school.
I just hope I get recycled.”

Cried the brand-new ruler.
“I’m so glad I was picked
To go to a school,
Instead of some dull old office.”

“I hear someone
Coming down the hall.”
Screeched the door.
“Everyone,” be quiet!”

“It’s just the custodian
With the recycling bin,”
He said a few moments later.

“Oh, oh!”
Said the crumpled paper.
“I’m out of here!”

They all held their breaths
As the custodian came
Into the room
And emptied the garbage.

“Say hi to the kids
And Mrs. Joseph for me,”
Called the crumpled paper
As he went out the door.

“And have a great school year!”